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I have been taking kidney cop for 5 years now and not had another stone since. Normally I had them at least every 2 years. I HAVE HAD KIDNEY STONES 15 TIMES since my early 30’s and I should have 15 children to show for the pain. (It feels a lot like labor pain) just to give the guys somewhat of an example. Kidney Cop works ! It works!

First let me say that Kidney Cop is a literal life saver for me. I started taking it last year when I found out I had a 17mm stone that was causing me huge pain. What I did not know at the time was that I also had kidney cancer. I had to have the kidney removed and the doctor was worried about my remaining kidney because I’m prone to stones. By the time I had the kidney removed, I had been taking Kidney Cop for about 3 months. The pathology report showed a very rare type of cancer that has a 10% survival rate but because the stone caused me so much pain, I had a CT scan which allowed the doctor to catch the cancer while it was still at stage 1. I am completely cured. The stone that was removed from my cancerous kidney shrunk from 17mm in July to a centimeter in October when I had the kidney removed at the Cleveland Clinic in Weston. My doctor was impressed and instructed me to remain on Kidney Cop because another kidney stone in my remaining kidney could be life threatening.

Brace yourselves; a long and detailed review is coming. Let me start by saying I am a 33 year old female of all of 104 pounds and have been dealing with SERIOUS oxalate issues since my early 20s (for reasons, modern medicine of course, just “can’t figure out”….what’s new there?) and by serious I don’t mean I get a kidney stone or 2 a year or have had 1 or 2 lithotripsies or even that I have experienced the joy of having a stone LODGED in my ureter.

What I mean by serious is I’ve had 4-5 lithotripsies, several laser surgeries and stents as well as 6985995 GIANT (dime size!) kidney stones and hospital stays. I also have issues with my heart and other organs as a result of continuous oxalate toxicity in my body as well. My last round of surgery came after 2 other surgeries and a stent failed to solve the problem and involved an actual nephrologist and him contemplating whether just REMOVING my kidney is better (OBVIOUSLY, it’s NOT!).

Instead they cut into my kidney to essentially vacuum it which ended up with me almost dying and having what is basically just a plastic bag for a kidney for a few weeks. It also resulted in ZERO improvement in terms of how I FELT and ensured I will NEVER turn to modern medicine for my kidney troubles again.

That all being said, when my father told me he saw an infomercial for an all natural product he thought might really help me, to say I was skeptical is an understatement. I think my exact response was “ok ya right”. But then he yelled at me and I passed a GIANT stone so I actually did….try it, that is.

I had tried EVERYTHING prior to this and as the years go by my kidneys only get worse. (I actually have stones in both kidneys). Occasionally I find a product that helps with the pain or the passing of stones or prevents the ones that get lodged from infecting my kidney and killing me dead but until this product that was BEST CASE SCENARIO for any and all of the more natural options.

Dietary changes like drinking more water or lemonade have had almost no impact. I never ate many foods containing oxalates to begin with, so I didn’t have to stop eating them. I had literally tried it all and done all the things right and yet, still I was sick and dying and truly felt I had exhausted all my options.

I have waited 3 MONTHS before reviewing this product. I have stopped taking it for a few days a few times to determine if the results I was seeing are just a result of better health or this product. I have watched with my mouth gaping open several times as this product takes effect and wondered to myself if this can really be real.

Despite seeing and experiencing it WITH MY OWN EYES AND BODY I still find it hard to believe how amazing this stuff is. I, like all of you, read all the reviews before buying and thought to myself perhaps this company gives you $20 free dollars in Amazon credit to leave a five star review or something like so many others (they don’t give you any $ FYI lol).

But after trying it and having the experience with it that I have had, I can honestly say (at least for me) that this stuff is the CURE. Not a temporary solution to a never ending problem or a means by which to cover up the symptoms but a CURE. And I don’t use that term lightly. In fact, like everyone else I had finally bought into the idea that this is just my life now for eternity.

Fast forward to now, almost 3 full bottles into this MIRACLE product…… Upon beginning kidney cop, my kidney was again FULL of stones despite having said evil surgery only like a year ago. I knew that prior to taking this because I was having issues with large ones trying to pass and felt completely and utterly like poo 24/7!

I began to feel better almost immediately upon taking this, though I will say, like many others I do not always digest the shell of them very well…. but this matters not! I then began to feel worse, like I had a giant blob of crap infecting my kidney (I did lol) so I added in some goldenseal root to my daily kidney cop and the infection ceased (THIS IS IMPORTANT TO DO WITH THIS PRODUCT IF YOU HAVE LARGE STONES OR A LOT OF STONES. It WILL move your stones and break them up. They CAN infect your kidney as a result if you skip this as it’s like an avalanche in terms of effectiveness and depending on how big or how many stones you have that can actually be TOO much without proper precautions).

Shortly after this I began to feel better again and feel sensations in my kidneys that reminded me of pop rocks…that Little Rock candy that sort of explodes if you stick it into soda…… what followed was a bit of a rough few weeks, I’m not going to lie, but rough is relative and in comparison to the experiences I’ve had prior to this just passing ONE stone, this experience was a DREAM COME TRUE, ok.

So, perspective. Now, what came out so far you want to know? Oh…just about like 200 kidney stones or so!!!

I’m attaching photos because I know you’ll not believe me. I don’t believe me and I have personally peed them out. Sorry the pic is gross but the proof is in the pudding, as they say.

Needless to say, I feel SO MUCH BETTER now that all that is NOT IN MY KIDNEY and this stuff did an AMAZING job at breaking it into easily passable pieces. It’s still breaking up more stuff in there.

My hope is that once all the stones have been expelled (obviously that has to happen first) that it will prevent the formation of more as it says. I truly believe it will.

I also believe this product should be in EVERY UROLOGY OFFICE ON EARTH!!! I wish I had found this stuff first and not last, it would have easily saved me soooo much surgery, sickness and agony!!

If you have oxalate issues, try it! It works!!! And it truly makes having these issues a million billion times more manageable and less unpleasant.

I’ve produced kidney stones for 40 years. Last June I became aware of more stones and an X-ray showed a 6mm & a 4 mm in the right kidney and multiple smaller 1-2 mm in the left.

I began taking Kidney COP and my MRI in August showed the 6 had become a 5mm and the 4mm was now a 3mm. A couple months later I passed the 5mm…ZERO pain! My annual KUB this past October ( 16 months later) showed NO CALCULI in either kidney!

I will take it till I die!!! Thank you so much!! Changed my life. After 6 lithotripsies and many stents I can breath easy!!

Sounded to good to be true, but Thanking God that it is legit!

I started a job in 2015 where my desk was about 20 feet away from a drink machine. The machine had Fuze strawberry iced tea. It taste really great, and I drank about four bottles per day while at work.

Within five months the oxalates in the tea coated my kidneys interior so badly that I urinated blood and a CAT scan showed I had 22 kidney stones. A few months later I was told that I was at 62% kidney function and was in stage three kidney failure, from drinking tea. The oxalates in tea create calcium oxalate kidney stones and because I drank a lot of it, it coated the interior of my kidneys with oxalates and I was still passing stones 4 1/2 years later.

I’ve passed in the range of 80 to 100 kidney stones. Every morning when I wake up and have to pee, it smells really bad because my kidneys are not fully functioning. I saw the advertisement on television for this product and decided to give it a try. I had some kidney stone pain at the time but nothing severe. I pass a lot of tiny ones that are just uncomfortable. Within a few weeks the discomfort went away and the bad smell in my urine also is gone. I’m not having any kidney stone pain, which is a blessing because 4 1/2 years of passing kidney stones is somewhat of a living hell.

I will be seeing my urologist soon and asking for a blood test to see what’s going on. I’d like to see if maybe my kidney function might have improved from taking this product. I will update this when I have information to share.

I’ve been taking these about a year now and can say I believe they are helping. I had X-rays done about 14 months ago with a 6 mm stone in my right kidney. 3 months ago had another X-ray and they can no longer see that stone. I was seeing my urologist every 6 months now he says once a year should be good. I was having to have these stones removed manually in surgery approximately every two years or so for the past 18 years. I also changed my diet to eliminate almost all oxalates. I take the kidney Cop every day twice a day and lemon or lime juice in the morning.

Prior to finding Kidney C.O.P. I was having Kidney Stone attacks 4 to 5 times a year. Approximately 18 months ago I started taking Kidney C.O.P. and I haven’t had an attack since! I don’t have to tell you I don’t miss the pain, nausea and sweats that came with each attack. I highly recommend it.

I cannot even begin to explain how MAGICAL these pills are! Unfortunately, I have congenital MSK (medullary sponge kidney), a condition that makes me more prone to forming an insane amount of calcium oxalate kidney stones.

I first had 14 kidney stones bilaterally when I was about 18 years old. I’d be in and out of the ER for pain meds and to just be discharged home with a huge bill and a terrible experience.

I then followed up with an excellent urologist who recommended this to me. At first, I was hesitant because I just didn’t trust these random things you find online claiming to help. Yet, both my dad, a pharmacist who explained the chemical mechanism of these pills, and my urologist kept recommending it. Fine, I gave it a try and would take them every 2-3 days, definitely not religiously, but certainly every once in a while as a preventative approach to my stones.

I just followed up with my urologist and he told me that my XRays were all clear! Genuinely couldn’t believe it! After 5 years of forming at least 16 stones every summer, I am now clear of them 1 year later after using this product.

PLEASE GIVE THIS A TRY! I promise you, you are almost guaranteed to see MAGICAL (but actually medical, and scientifically backed research) results! Yay to preventative approaches rather than dealing with the pain when the stones arrive!

This stuff works. Eliminated 17 stones in 12 months. Verified with an ultrasound. My doctor could not believe it.

I am a 68 year old retired chiropractor who has always been into nutrition and supplements. My kidneys have been making calcium oxalate stones since 1990. My 29 year old son also has the same problem and we both agree, this formula really works!

Keep your meat protein low and your water intake high and your stones will dissolve with this product.

My nephrologist confirmed it when comparing 2 kidney scans taken months apart while I was taking it! And no leg muscle spasms as when you try potassium citrate!

This product really does the job. We can’t tell you how pleased we are! Use as directed, be patient and use a heating pad on your kidneys. By all means get a diagnosis from a doctor and if your pain is kidney stones then I highly recommend Kidney C.O.P. !

I had my first kidney stones about 12 years ago. I was having lithotripsy on both kidneys about every 9 to 12 months. It was a nightmare! I found these on Amazon and after reading the reviews I decided I had nothing to lose. I have not had stones in over 2 years. I will keep taking ! I highly recommend.

After experiencing regular bouts with kidney stones, and on the advice of a doctor friend, I started taking Kidney COP a couple of months ago.

Since taking Kidney COP, I have not had kidney stones! It is an amazing product and I highly recommend it.

This product is easy to take II PO Q12h (orally every 12 hours). No recognizable side effect. I’ve tried everything advertised on the internet and prescribed by Urologists. This is the only thing that has actually worked to reduce the occurrence of renal calculi.

Kidney COP is a good preventive measure. It’s a good preventive measure for kidney stones. My doctor has told me and I have also read that if one gets a kidney stone, chances are they will get another one. I have changed my diet as that may be a partial reason, as well as taking Kidney Cop.

It’s been a year since I had a kidney stone, which was the only time I had one. Not a good experience, but Kidney Cop seems to do the trick. Thanks Kidney COP.

I had seven (7) large kidney stones about 7 years ago that required two (2) lithotripsy procedures to break up. Six months ago I started having that familiar kidney pain and have five (5) more small stone. I was basically told by to just tough it out and wait till they pass by two different urologists. Living on pain pills to dull the pain was not my idea of a good time and wasn’t conducive with my 60 to 70 hour work weeks.

I heard about Kidney Cop on the Sirius XM station my wife listens to and after a visit to their website decided this was worth a try. About a week after I started taking them I noticed that I was discharging some sandy material and a very small stone every 5 to 7 days. I have noticed a big difference the last week with almost no pain and have been able to reduce the pain medication by more than half and some days I don’t even need it.

I recommend that anyone that has issues with kidney stones gives kidney cop a try. I am setting up auto ship on mine today.

Tried the Chianca Piedra prior to this for two months and did nothing. Doctor told me I had 3 kidney stones and may require surgery since one was more than 6 mm. Bought Kidney COP and within a week, one (of the three) kidney stones I had came out and looked smoothed out (I usually get the spikey or thorny stones). After two weeks, a bigger kidney stone came out (it was between 5mm to 6mm in diameter) but it was also smoothed out (not spikey). This happened two days before my pre-op briefing. Brought the stones to the doctor and she was amazed. Doctor did a CT-scan and told me that, as a result, no surgery is required. Showed her the Kidney COP and Chianca Piedra. She recommended to continue taking Kidney COP and stop the Chianca Piedra. I have one more stone but the doctor said that it looks like it is getting smaller. I am taking Kidney COP daily now. THIS ACTUALLY WORKS. Thanks and God bless.

Much Thanks to this product!! I suffer from Medullary sponge cystic kidneys for 30yrs now an have had 13 kidney surgeries an usually pass 4-6 stones monthly. Along with blood an sand in my urine always. Since using this product I have stopped using a prescription flomax an no longer wake up 6x a night to urinate an Im not peein out a sandbox, no more pain!! If u have oxalate stones or MSK u must try this product!! – Update November 2019 – I have been using this wonderful product an I’m happy to say first the stones that do come out are smaller an smoother. Due to my disease the stones will never stop. I also have ultrasounds to counts stones every 6mths. I usually have anywhere from 10-15 stones in each kidney, but I now have 3-6!! This is beyond amazing for someone who has suffered through hundreds of stones over the last 30 years an 13 surgeries an I cannot begin to explain the pain I have gone through. I cannot THANK the makers of this product enough, I hope it helps many to not go through what I had too!

I didn’t buy this for kidney stones, I bought it to minimize calcium oxalate which is a suspected culprit in aggravating interstitial cystitis and vulvodynia.

I had a severe flare-up of these conditions a few weeks ago and took to the internet to find out if there were new developments in treating it. One theory is that calcium oxalate crystals in your urine, even though they are microscopic, have sharp edges like little shards of glass. They irritate the tissues that line your bladder, your urethra and in many cases, the surrounding areas such as the vulva and anus.

I was diagnosed 30 years ago and it blows my mind that little has been done since then to find treatment for this condition that can cause such severe irritation that just the touch of your underwear can be brutal, that can cause you to have to urinate 50-60 times a day and that can ruin your relationships and your life. To me, the calcium oxalate theory makes so much sense that I’m surprised the medical community hasn’t done more research into it and instead chooses in many times to dismiss these conditions as some sort of female hysteria.

Though I’ve never had my urine specifically tested for calcium oxalate, urinalysis shows that I do have blood (the non-visible type) in my urine, which can be a sign of calcium oxalate. Anyhow, I bought this product because I was in agony and saw from the reviews that it was very effective in calcium oxalate reduction. To be fair, I also bought and started using marshmallow root because that seems to many sufferers to soothe and heal the affected tissues.

After starting both, I immediately started to feel relief and I have not the slightest discomfort when urinating since. It may be kind of soon to attribute my relief to these products, but I certainly intend to continue them, as this is the best I have felt in 30 years.

I hope that my review will help others who may be in search of helpful products for these conditions.

This is a life saver! This will keep the kidney stones away. I had my attack on Nov 29,2017. After difficult surgery and stent removal, now finally feeling great thanks to Kidney COP.

I asked my urologist about this product and showed her the bottle and she said “looks great, includes supplements I would have suggested to include Magnesium, and B6.”

Kidney COP has been great for me. They have great research behind the product. I will definitely be ordering more soon.

My third bottle of the Kidney COP and so far I haven’t had any recurring of kidney stones. After four episodes and surgeries of kidney stones I had to do something and a friend told me about the KIDNEY COP and so far it’s working great, I will stay on it forever and it’s not expensive at all and worth every penny.

I suffer from kidney stones periodically. I am a physician so as such did a lot of research before taking the plunge into preventative treatments. This product is one I highly recommend.

It uses safe and naturally-found active ingredients that have been proven and has the studies to back it. It’s the real deal. Product is made in the USA with high quality lab. I ordered on Amazon and received the product in 2 days.

Since using I am stone-free–will keep updating users. Combined with adequate water intake, I am anticipating great results. Highly recommend.