Mission & Goals


Calcium Oxalate Labs is committed to researching options for inhibiting the growth of calcium oxalate crystals, the most common type of crystal, and to provide a single source resource for all things calcium oxalate crystal related.


Calcium Oxalate Labs was founded to provide information to the public that can help improve the health of those dealing with calcium oxalate crystal challenges while also potentially helping reduce the nation’s substantial healthcare costs for dealing with calcium oxalate crystal challenges.


Calcium Oxalate Labs is focused on researching the possibilities and potential options for supporting proper kidney health and fighting calcium oxalate crystal formation. Calcium oxalate crystals are the most common type of crystals suffered by people in the United States (approximately 80%). People currently do not receive nearly enough information on their options to deal with calcium oxalate crystal challenges.

Too often people, who have experienced or currently are dealing with calcium oxalate crystals, only receive brief instructions for diet modification and to drink a sufficient amount of water. Unfortunately, these suggestions alone are frequently insufficient to reduce or stop the formation of calcium oxalate crystals.


Calcium Oxalate Labs’ website strives to provide a valuable source to those that have previously dealt or are currently dealing with a calcium oxalate crystals.

In addition to helping reduce the number of people that experience health issues from calcium oxalate crystal formation, Calcium Oxalate Labs researches and disseminates important information to those that have dealt with calcium oxalate crystals.

Dealing with calcium oxalate crystals is very costly for both the US Healthcare System and those unfortunate enough to have these crystals. Therefore, if a person could reduce their chance of future crystal recurrence it would obviously save substantial costs for both the healthcare system and people alike.

Most importantly, helping people with Calcium Oxalate Crystal challenges is so vitally important as the recurrence rate is approximately 50% today. Our goal is to someday potentially eliminate any recurrence of calcium oxalate crystal challenges for these people.