Patented Innovation

Kidney C.O.P.’s® patented formulation was optimized through in vitro laboratory tests

Pattend Innovation

This optimization made Kidney C.O.P.® so successful at REDUCING CALCIUM OXALATE CRYSTAL GROWTH*, it has been awarded multiple patents.

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Patent 9,233,135  |  Patent 9,492,491  |  Patent 9,623,066  |  Patent 9,789,152  |  Patent 10,471,115

Kidney C.O.P.® Calcium Oxalate Protector demonstrated in vitro testing that its optimized formula inhibits the rate of calcium oxalate crystal formation by 99% when compared to a control (no active). Kidney C.O.P.® individual active ingredients (and/or a select combination) have shown in human clinical in vivo studies to inhibit calcium oxalate crystals. These clinical studies have varied in size from as small as 12 patients to over 500 patients.** Kidney C.O.P.® holds multiple calcium oxalate supplement patents and it is a recognized stone breaker supplement for calcium oxalate.