Effect of Daily MgO and Vitamin B 6 Administration to Patients with Recurring Calcium Oxalate Kidney Stones

May 1967

1. STANLEY N. GERSHOFF, Associate Professor of Nutrition

2. EDWIN L. PRIEN, Clinical Research Associate in Nutrition


Patients with histories of recurring calcium oxalate renal stone formation have been given daily oral supplements of 200 mg of MgO and 10 mg of pyridoxine for extended periods of time.

Thirty of 36 patients maintained on this program for 5 years or more have shown no recurrence or decreased recurrence of stone formation.

After 1 year on this regimen, urines obtained from 51 patients showed a marked increase in their capacity to maintain calcium oxalate in solution, significantly raised calcium and citric acid levels, and decreased xanthurenic acid levels.

No significant changes were observed in urinary magnesium, oxalic acid, phosphate-P or pyrophosphate-P values. Decreases in serum B-lipoproteins were also observed in a group of 25 of these subjects.