The core of the pseudostem of musa in the treatment of urinary stones

R. Gopakumara Pillai Consultant Urologist, District Hospital, Kollam, Kerala, India., Ancient science of life 07/1995; 15(1):2-6., Source: PubMed


Ayurveda recommends many simple herbs in the treatment of urological afflictions like urolithiasis. Seventyone patients diagnosed to be suffering
from urolithiasis were treated with juice of the core of the pseudostem of Musa Paradisiaca and Musa sapientum. A significant segment of them passed out
calculi of varying size after consuming the drug for two weeks. Recurrence of stone formation was also prevented by the treatment, The author concludes
that the plant material is quite effective in curing urolithiasis, especially of the calcium oxalate variety.

71 Patients All Confirmed with Xray and IUV To Have Stones

Two Groups of Patients whose IVU showed minimal or no obstructive change with normal serum levels of urea and creatinine – 65 patients

Note: six patients where taken for surgery and had all calculi removed

Dosage – 600mg Tablet
Half tablet twice daily first two weeks – Group 1 and 2
Up to 2 tablets three times daily after two weeks – Group 1
One tablet twice daily after two weeks – Group 2

Results – After 4 weeks
43 patients passed varying sizes of stones
4 patients had reduced number of calculi
20 patients had complete disappearance of stones