Kidney C.O.P.® Calcium Oxalate Protector Receives 5th Patent!

November 2019

Kidney Stone Research Company and Calcium Oxalate Labs, Inc., the makers of Kidney C.O.P.® Calcium Oxalate Protector, have been awarded its 5th patent from the U.S. Patent Office. This level of patent awards for a kidney health supplement in the United States is unparalleled and signifies the tremendous innovation and scientific research behind Kidney C.O.P.®

As a result of this innovation and research, Kidney C.O.P.® is enjoying unparalleled growth and acceptance by customers, pharmacists and doctors.

You can review all this powerful and innovative research by clicking on the links below to each of our five patents.:
9,233,135 | 9,492,491 | 9,623,066 | 9,789,152 | 10,471,115

99% Inhibition in the Rate of Calcium Oxalate Crystal Growth!

Kidney C.O.P.’s® optimized formula has shown in laboratory tests to inhibit the rate of calcium oxalate crystal growth by 99%. So, if you have challenges with calcium oxalate crystals and stone formation, we recommend that you try Kidney C.O.P. by visiting or by going to or and searching for Kidney C.O.P.®

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