Natural Kidney Cleanse Home Remedies – Do They Work?

Many people suffer from kidney-related ailments such as urinary infections and kidney calcium oxalate crystals. If you are in this situation, you may be tempted to try various kidney home remedies. There are various herbs, supplements, teas and other remedies you can find at retail stores and online. 

One popular category of kidney home remedies is called kidney cleanses. These products contain various vitamins, herbs, fruits, and foods meant to detoxify your kidneys naturally. Of course, you can do a kidney cleanse without buying any supplements. You can find instructions that have you limit your intake of processed foods, carbohydrates, sugar, and sodium and eat mainly fruits, vegetables, and perhaps certain herbs. 

How Do Kidney Cleanses Work?

The goal of a kidney cleanse, as the name suggests, is to clean and flush out your kidneys to remove impurities. When you have a condition such as the accumulation of calcium oxalate stones, you want to flush them out of your system. Drinking more water is a simple way to facilitate this process. However, certain herbs and other remedies can also help. 

A kidney cleanse works in a manner similar to other types of detox cleanses, such as you might use to lose weight. You drink plenty of fluids, which may be water, juice smoothies, or water mixed with a specially made kidney cleanse formula. 

Limits and Problems of Kidney Cleanses

A kidney home cleanse can be beneficial in some cases. If it encourages you to consume more fluids and include more beneficial foods in your diet, it can help improve your overall health as well as manage kidney problems. However, if you suffer from a chronic or stubborn condition, it might not be enough. 

There can also be an issue with choosing products meant to cleanse the kidneys. There are many choices, and not all of them are scientifically proven. While kidney home remedies often contain beneficial vitamins, herbs, and foods, you have to be sure to read the full list of ingredients. 

Supplements often contain many ingredients, some proven to be effective, some not. You also have to be careful about side effects and contraindications, especially if products contain high doses of certain herbs. Not all ingredients, for example, may be safe to take with certain medications or taken for a long period of time.

Choose a Proven, Patented Supplement

Rather than trying a kidney home cleanse you find online or randomly choosing kidney home remedies, you are better off finding a kidney cleanse supplement backed by solid research. Here are some features to look for:

  • If you’re treating a condition such as kidney calcium oxalate crystals, the product should contain ingredients proven to work for such conditions. 
  • Look for a product with a few clinically researched ingredients rather than a long and questionable list of ingredients. 
  • See if the company stands behind its product with a solid guarantee. 
  • Check for reviews and testimonials that support the product maker’s claims.

A kidney cleanse may help, but there’s no solid research to prove that it will help conditions such as calcium oxalate stones. If you’re seeking the most effective kidney remedies, look for a product and company that uses a patented and proven formula.