Why You Should Take Kidney C.O.P.® Versus Chanca Piedra (a.k.a. Stone Breaker)

Sharp pain and burning that come in waves strong enough to make you double over can leave you desperate to make sure you never get calcium oxalate crystal stones again. In reality, 50% of people who develop a stone will likely experience another one within five years or less. The good news is that being proactive about preventing stone formation can potentially save you from the pain, helplessness, and the alarm of developing another stone. 

Kidney COP VS Chanca Piedra

You want to make the best decisions when trying to stop recurrence and/or prevent calcium oxalate crystal stones. While many supplement brands make all kinds of promises, only Kidney C.O.P.® has been shown in laboratory tests to inhibit calcium oxalate crystal growth by 99%. In fact, the ingredients and/or a combination of them in Kidney C.O.P. have all have shown in clinical trials to have some impact in stopping calcium oxalate crystal growth. Why do you get stones? Knowing the answer plays an important role in choosing the right stone inhibitor. Calcium, oxalate, and uric acid are all crystal-forming substances found in the body that can contribute to stone formation. While there are several types of stones, calcium oxalate crystal stones are the most common. They occur when excess oxalate in the body binds to calcium to create hard, often jagged crystals. Kidney C.O.P.® uses a safe, optimized patented formula to help stop the formation of calcium oxalate crystal growth.

Why Take Kidney C.O.P.® Instead of Chanca Piedra a.k.a. Stone Breaker?

First off, unlike any other dietary supplements, Kidney C.O.P. is so innovative that it’s formulation has been awarded five U.S. patents. While the many thousands and thousands of people that currently take Kidney C.O.P. and continue to utilize Kidney C.O.P. daily to help stop recurrence already know that there’s simply no better option, you might be wondering why you should choose this formula over other products such as Chanca Piedra a.k.a. Stone Breaker that claim to prevent stones. Well Kidney C.O.P. actually tested Kidney C.O.P. verses a 5:1 Chanca Piedra Extract and found that Kidney C.O.P was five times more powerful at inhibiting the rate of calcium oxalate crystal growth. The testing was performed by Dr. James Murray, the head of Chemistry at Immaculata University in 2018. While Kidney C.O.P. was proven to inhibit the rate of calcium oxalate crystal growth by 99%, the Chanca Piedra 5:1 Extract supplement only inhibited the rate of growth by 15% to 20%.

Customers can have confidence when taking Kidney C.O.P.® because it’s a doctor-formulated as well as a doctor and pharmacy recommended product that contains clinically tested ingredients.  It is recommended by medical professionals to not take Chanca Piedra a.k.a. Stone Breaker for more than 90 days as it is not a recognized as a FDA GRAS safe ingredient. 

Stop Stones in Their Tracks Using a Laboratory-tested Product You Can Feel Confident About

What else makes Kidney C.O.P.® different from Chanca Piedra Stone Breaker? Unlike many other dietary supplements, Kidney C.O.P.® undergoes Zone IV stability testing to ensure maximum potency and strength through it’s products three year expiration. This means you’re not wasting time and money on something that may have had it’s potency decline over time. Kidney C.O.P.® was developed using hundreds of in-vitro tests designed to optimize the formulation specifically for the most common calcium oxalate crystals that are responsible for most stones. It’s safe to take every day on an ongoing basis to help stop recurrence!

Calcium and Potassium rich Diets May Help Stop Recurrent Kidney Stones

Calcium and Potassium-rich Diets May Help Stop Recurrent Kidney Stones

There is no magic in curing kidney stones from forming. Yet, there are few foods and diets that help in doing so. To know more on this, read the full blog.

Don't Settle for Imitations: Choose the Stone Solution that Actually has Laboratory Tests that Show the Formula Inhibits the Rate of Calcium Oxalate Crystal Growth by 99%!

There’s no room for taking chances when it comes to calcium oxalate stones. The dramatic and painful symptoms of a stone can cause chaos in your life when you least expect it! A stone can force you to miss important events, lose valuable time at work, or even make a visit to the emergency room. Stay ahead of stones with the supplement that has shown to inhibit the rate of calcium oxalate crystal growth by 99% in laboratory tests. When it comes to other stone breakers, Kidney C.O.P.® crushes the competition.

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