Exercise Reduces Stone Risk: Light Exercise Tips To Support Kidney Health

Regular exercise is one of the best ways to support kidney health. It can also help to manage conditions such as calcium oxalate stones. Let’s look at the types of exercise that can be beneficial for your kidneys. 

Should You Engage in Vigorous Exercise?

Whether you should focus on light or vigorous exercise depends on your overall condition. If you have an existing kidney condition, you should ask your doctor what type of exercise is safe. In general, it’s best to focus on light exercise that doesn’t put excessive strain on your kidneys. You can gradually increase the intensity and duration of exercise as you get fitter. Now let’s look at some ways you can exercise to support kidney health.

Light Exercise Tips To Support Kidney Health


You can walk almost anywhere, whether it’s in a park, on city sidewalks, or around a mall. Try to incorporate walking into your everyday life. When possible, walk rather than drive. If walking isn’t convenient where you live, secure a treadmill or use one at the gym. You can adjust your pace and the length of your walks to your level of fitness. Track your steps using an app, smartwatch, or pedometer. 

Light Cardio 

Light cardio is safe for most kidney conditions. Cardio machines such as stationary bikes and elliptical machines are efficient for getting regular cardio. If you prefer, you can speed walk, jog, or bike for a cardio workout. 

Strength Training

Lifting weights and other strength training exercises are important for overall health, and especially for maintaining bone density. If you have a kidney condition, however, you shouldn’t strain yourself by lifting very heavy weights. Light to moderate resistance training is fine, however. Aside from weights, you can use resistance bands or do body weight exercises such as pushups. 

Engage In Your Favourite Sports and Physical Activities

Many physical activities help support kidney health. If you find going to the gym, jogging, and other traditional exercises tedious, try to find activities that you enjoy. Sports such as tennis, hiking, swimming, bicycling, dancing and many others keep you active while having fun. Just be careful not to overdo it and stop the activity if you feel pain. 

Specialized Kidney Exercises

Eastern traditions such as yoga and qigong have special exercises for various parts of the body, including the kidneys. Yoga exercises involve stretching the region around the kidneys. Qigong movements include self-massage of the kidneys as well as certain acupressure points. You can look for classes and teachers in your area. There are also many videos, books, and blogs that provide instruction. 

Combine Exercise With Other Healthy Lifestyle Habits

Exercise can help you improve the health of your kidneys. It’s equally important to follow a diet that supports kidney health. Make sure you drink sufficient water, which helps to flush out the kidneys. It’s especially important to stay hydrated while exercising. As long as you pay attention to your body and don’t try to do too much too soon, regular exercise improves your overall health and level of fitness. It can also help you to maintain the health of your kidneys.