How Does Kidney Calcium Oxalate Protector (C.O.P.)® Work?

Kidney calcium oxalate crystals can cause great discomfort and be very stubborn! While many people battling with kidney calcium oxalate crystals are told to avoid high oxalate foods, follow a specific low-oxalate diet daily, and drink lots of water every day, it often isn’t enough. Sometimes the diets work and sometimes they don’t. For many, the diets are simply far too restrictive for them to follow each and every day.


Kidney C.O.P.® Is Formulated Specifically to Help Reduce the Calcium Oxalate in the Kidney

Kidney C.O.P.® is a natural supplement formulated by a medical doctor, pharmacist, and pharmaceutical professionals. The Kidney C.O.P.® formulation utilizes FDA GRAS (generally recognized as safe) ingredients. Kidney C.O.P.® formulation is GMO-free, preservative free, sugar free, and gluten free. The Kidney C.O.P.® formulation also does not contain potential problematic ingredients like dairy, soy, nuts, or fish. Most importantly there’s no need for a prescription.

So How Does Kidney C.O.P.® Work?

As you may know, kidney calcium oxalate crystals can form over time and can cause significant discomfort. While this condition can happen to many people, this is often a recurring problem for some people. Oxalates are compounds found in a wide variety of foods. When the oxalates bind to the calcium in your kidneys, the kidney calcium oxalate crystals start to build up and have the potential to cause problems.
Scientists believe the active ingredients in Kidney C.O.P.® are thought to work to prevent calcium oxalate crystal formation in various ways:

  • First, it is believed that citric acid binds with calcium to form urine soluble molecules and produce fewer insoluble calcium oxalate crystals. And if any insoluble crystals do form they should be smaller than usual and have a better chance of being passed through your system without causing major discomfort.
  • Second, active ingredients in Kidney C.O.P.® are known to increase the levels of urine citrate. Increasing urine citrate levels allows for a higher saturation limit for calcium oxalate in the kidney and thus potentially reducing the ability of calcium oxalate crystals to grow.
  • Third, some of the active ingredients are thought to raise the pH of your urine. Raising urine pH helps reduce the crystallization of the calcium oxalate. Even if there is some buildup, the crystals can be found to be softer and smaller.
  • Fourth, some of these active ingredients are thought to prevent some of the absorption of calcium through intestines resulting in less calcium crystallizing in the kidney. Some of Kidney C.O.P.® active ingredients also have some diuretic properties so as long as you stay hydrated you will have the enhanced potential of moving the small crystals that do form out of your system.

Finally, Kidney COP® utilizes a patented, delayed release capsule. This delayed release capsule overcomes the problem of the capsules totally dissolving in your stomach. It is thought to provide better absorption and help get more of the active ingredients working for your kidneys. Without a delayed release capsule, the ingredients that facilitate all the benefits of Kidney C.O.P.® would not be maximized.

If you’ve followed your doctor’s advice about drinking more water or cutting certain foods out of your diet with little results, Kidney C.O.P.® may help make the difference. Kidney C.O.P.® has shown in the laboratory to help reduce the formation of calcium oxalate crystals by 99%*. But at the same time, you can’t expect Kidney C.O.P.® to do all the work!

You should still support the supplement with a diet that’s relatively low in oxalates, especially if you struggle with calcium oxalate kidney crystals on a regular basis and definitely stay hydrated, preferably with water. With the combined approach, you have the potential to see a big difference in your kidney health.

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