Diet Chart for Kidney Stone

The Oxalate Diet & Foods Containing Oxalates

Diet plays a crucial role and should complement any measures taken to reduce the growth of calcium oxalate crystals. Below is a list categorizing foods based on their oxalate levels, including high, medium, and low levels (or a kidney stone diet chart). It’s important to avoid foods high in oxalate, and instead focus on consuming foods from the low and moderate lists while on an oxalate diet.

diet chart for kidney stone | foods high in oxalate

Diet for Calcium Oxalate Stones

Because the calcium oxalate crystal stone reduction diet is highly restrictive and challenging to follow, it’s strongly advisable to consider using a patented supplement such as Kidney C.O.P.®. Additionally, being aware of the oxalate content in foods can be beneficial, allowing you to avoid those high in oxalates. Maintaining a calcium oxalate stones diet, particularly over the long term, can pose challenges.

Kidney C.O.P.® helps reduce the formation and growth of calcium oxalate crystals. The innovative Kidney C.O.P.® formula has been shown to reduce calcium oxalate crystal growth by 99%*!

Understanding the kidney stone diet chart and oxalate levels in foods is crucial for preventing calcium oxalate crystal formation in the kidneys.

Although most patients describe calcium oxalate kidney crystals as “the most painful thing they have ever experienced,” the compliance with typical restricted diet recommendations is still very low as oxalates are found naturally in numerous foods… including many healthy ones!

As high as 50% of prior calcium oxalate crystal suffers will have a recurrence within five years of experiencing their first calcium oxalate crystal in the kidneys. With that in mind, it is always useful to refer to a diet chart for kidney stone to confirm the oxalate levels or certain foods.