Calcium Oxalate Stone Supplement Helps Stop Growth & Formation of Kidney Crystals

Calcium oxalate stones can be one of the most frustrating conditions to deal with. Some people may be able to deal with the stones by drinking more water and making changes to their diet. But what do you do if your case is stubborn and keeps coming back or doesn’t go away with the changes you’ve made.

This Is When the Right Kidney Supplement Can Help

If you’re dealing with a stubborn kidney calcium oxalate problem, then taking a supplement can make the difference. It can stop the growth of the calcium oxalate stones as well as help break it down so that it passes through your system over time. Even if your condition isn’t that serious, a supplement can help treat your condition faster.

Kidney C.O.P. is a kidney supplement that has worked for many people. There are many supplements that help with kidney calcium oxalate issues. Many of the supplements in the market actually work, but there are several things that make Kidney C.O.P. different from these supplements.

Why Kidney C.O.P. Is Different

What’s unique is that Kidney C.O.P. works to help the growth of stones and the formation of kidney crystals in multiple fronts. Most supplements in the market are designed to work on one or two causes of calcium oxalate stones. So if the supplement doesn’t address the root cause of your stones, it won’t be effective.

Kidney C.O.P. works in the following ways:

– It uses citrate to bind with calcium to form soluble molecules that can pass through your system instead of letting the calcium bind with oxalates.
– Raises the citrate levels in your urine to create an environment that doesn’t let the calcium oxalate stones grow.
– Raises the urine pH to prevent calcium oxalate crystallization. There are many health conditions and diets that can contribute to pH changes.
– It helps you flush out your kidneys and clear out excess molecules that turn into stones.
– Pass through stomach acid so that the active ingredients make their way to where they are needed.

Another Reason Why Kidney C.O.P. Works Better for Stubborn Calcium Oxalate Stones

Some people may deal with recurring bouts of calcium oxalate stones. The reason can be attributed to other health issues that increase the risk of developing stones. Now, most of the other supplements in the market use chanca piedra, which is a medicinal plant.
Chanca piedra supplements do help with calcium oxalate stones. However, it’s not recommended that they be taken for an extended period of time. Some people may need to take supplements for several months to ensure that the stones are gone for good or do not come back.
But it’s recommended that chanca piedra should not be taken over a period of three months. The reason why is because it is a strong diuretic. Taken over a long period of time, you may lose essential minerals that your body needs.
Kidney C.O.P. is different in that you can take it for as long as you want. There are no serious long term side effects. The product is all natural and has received multiple partners for its effectiveness. Learn more about it here.

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