Compare Stone Breaker For Kidney Stones (Chanca Piedra) Versus Kidney C.O.P.® for Kidney Crystals

When it comes to calcium oxalate stones, chanca piedra (also known as stone breaker for Kidney stones) supplements are very popular. They actually do work in preventing the growth of the stones and helping to break them down so that they can be cleared out of your system. But a better alternative can be found in Kidney C.O.P.

Stone Breaker For Kidney Stones

What Is Kidney C.O.P.?

Kidney C.O.P. is a kidney supplement specifically designed for calcium oxalate stones. Rather than composed of chanca piedra, it has a unique formula that inhibits the growth of calcium crystal formation and helps clear it out. So what exactly is the difference between the stone breaker supplements and Kidney C.O.P.?

Kidney C.O.P. Is More Effective

This kidney supplement is far more effective than chanca piedra when it comes to calcium oxalate stones. Kidney C.O.P. has been shown to inhibit the growth of calcium oxalate crystals by 99 percent. In comparison, chanca piedra extract had only inhibited growth by around 20 percent.

It Focuses on Multiple Causes of Kidney C.O.P.

What’s really unique about Kidney C.O.P. is the fact that it works to prevent calcium oxalate stones in multiple ways. First, Kidney C.O.P. uses citrate to bind with the molecules that lead to calcium oxalate stones. It also raises urine citrate levels for extra preventative measures.
Then it helps raise urine pH. If you aren’t aware, the pH of your urine can often lead to the crystallization of the calcium oxalate. This is what eventually leads to larger painful stones.
Finally, it helps the prevention of the absorption of calcium through the intestines. This is an issue that you may face if you have digestive disorders or general problems with digestion.

Research has shown that chanca piedra works by relaxing the ureters and allowing the stones to pass more easily. It may also help slightly reduce the growth of stones. As such it is not as effective as Kidney C.O.P.

You Can Take Kidney C.O.P. for an Extended Amount of Time

With chanca piedra, it’s not recommended you take it for longer than a 90-day period. The reason why is that this herbal plant is a powerful diuretic. You may be losing excess moisture and expel essential minerals from your system.
Kidney C.O.P. is different in that there is no limit to how long you can take it for. This is great news if you have a chronic calcium oxalate stone condition. You’ll be able to manage your condition effectively rather than be forced to get off the supplements for health safety reasons.

Kidney C.O.P. Stands Out From Other Products

While there are many supplements out there aimed to manage and get rid of calcium oxalate stones, Kidney C.O.P. stands apart from these products. It is formulated with clinically researched ingredients. The product has also received five different patents.
If you also look at the other products, you’ll find that very few have clinical studies to back the effectiveness of the supplement. Kidney C.O.P. has the studies to back its efficacy for treating and managing calcium oxalate stones.

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